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When Virus was born we just knew we had to keep him back for our line but we wanted to give him the chance to shine in agility too.

Who better to do that than the extremely talented and well know Britain's Got Talent winner Ashleigh Butler!!

Virus belongs to the Darleyfalls kennel but lives his life with Ashleigh where they are having the most fun.

Vi has been living with Ashleigh since he was 9 weeks old and this is what she has to say about him:

Virus is the happiest, funniest, most loving little man. He is always up for learning something new, and puts 100% into it.

He is incredibly bright and loves using his brain to work things out, he really thinks things through before he puts speed into them, however once he has figured it out there’s no stopping him!

He is the most confident Puppy I’ve ever owned and I’ve still not found anything that has fazed him. He has the perfect combination of loving all people and dogs, but we are also quickly creating an incredibly strong bond together.

When people ask me why he is called Virus, I reply because he is infectious in every way.

Vi 7 months old

Virus 9 months

Vi 7 months

Virus 11 months

Vi 7 months old

Virus 9 months