Silk Style Over Darleyfalls

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Silk was born 6th February 2017

Clear from - CEA, DH, GLAU, IGS, MDR1, NCL5, SN, TNS, Hips- Fair

Silk is a fully trained Trials dog, she is exactly what we wanted, temperament, structure, angulation, work drive, and off switch.

We purposely picked both Silk and Ash as adult dogs as they have everything we want to add to our line to use to our boys, and as adult dogs we can see exactly what we have with them

Silk is the sweetest dog, she is friendly with absolutely everyone and everything she meets, never a fighter with other dogs, more the submissive roll on back type around dogs. In work she has tons of drive, she is pushy at work, we like this as it gives her that strong work drive that we love. Around the house Silk is the easiest dog ever! She is quiet, not a barker and switches off perfectly when not working.

Silk had never lived indoors or even been indoors before coming here, yet she took the whole thing in her stride.

We look forward to trialing Silk this winter

A bit of Silks family

Silk has some incredible dogs in her pedigree, to name a few-

 Silks Dad is Kevin Evans 'Jim' who was Wales Nursery champion.

Silks grandad Sweep has an amazing list of achievements, to name a few...

2 x reserve Irish national champion, 3 x International supreme championship finalist

International supreme champion 2014, Semi finalist world trials 2017, National driving champion 2014

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