Planned DarLeyfalls Litters/ Puppies 

Darleyfalls line of working ,agility and dog sports.


Here are all our plans for 2022 and 2023. We will announce late 2023 plans in a few months time.

 If you would like to register your interest in any of the litters below please complete an application form

Thank you

Shine x Brocoli

Planned this winter 2021!!!!

Our lovely Shine will have one final litter, so we absolutely insist this litter is particularly spectacular!

It had to follow with our Darleyfalls journey of continually meeting with new and exciting plans. So this led for a need to change our original plan for Shine 'Darleyfalls Let It Shine' and go for the next new adventure.

So here it is... There's a dog we have been watching for the last year, to the point we kept thinking of males but always had him in our minds. He is athletic, smooth coated, amazing temperament with great health results, but with a difference... he is a blue merle , something we've never used in the line before. But the talent, structure, brains and beauty of this dog came first , the fact he's merle is secondary, but of course he is stunning with it too!

We can't wait to see what this breeding will produce 💥🔥

Future and Bright will have more beautiful brothers and sisters 😱❤😱 if they are anything like these 2 we will be over the moon 




 EARLY 2022

9th March- Shiver has been confirmed in pup to Sunny!

Early 2022 we plan to breed our Shiver to our Sunny.

Please see both dogs profiles on our website for more individual information

This breeding will be subject to Shivers health results

If you would like to enquire and express your interest please send us a message through our facebook page requesting an application form

Skye x Caefelin Clem

Planned mid 2022

This will be Skye's Final litter of puppies.

We love what Skye has produced in her puppies, and we have always been huge Caefelin Clem fans, this is an amazing combination. We expect strong workers from this litter who should be great herding and sports prospects.

Darleyfalls Rose Petal


Mawlch Dar

planned breeding 2022

We have a long list for this breeding as people have been waiting a long time for a Tessie pup. We welcome reserve applications

Jess x Noddy

Planned Winter 2022

We have had a few enquiries for Jess's second litter, so we started thinking about stuitable stud dogs. 

Noddy and Jess seem the perfect combination. These should be great workers and fantastic sports of herding prospects.




MID to Late 2022

We are planning to breed our Noomi to our Sunny in late 2022.

Please see there information profiles on our website for individual information on them

If you would like to enquire and express your interest please send us a message through our facebook page requesting an application form


Future x Seven Sees I-C Raven Go My Van 

Planned very late 2022 early 2023

This is a dream combo!!! Van has it all and we are so excited for this combination

This list is already over subscribed, you are welcome to enquire as a reserve.

Darleyfalls Shines Bright (Bright)


Malwch Bok (Kei)

Very late 2022 or early 2023

We have already decided on the stud for Bright. We like to pre plan and spend time decided on the best stud and Kei is certainly the man for the job. He is so like his dad Fetch Granting Pleasure, who we absolutely adore. We are sure Bright and Kei will make perfect babies next year




We have made tentative plans for Bounty for 2023.

These will be subject to Bountys health testing 

Kepa is half brother to our Noddy.

For more information about this breeding, please request an application form