Pat 00/367989

Introducing Pat 

We have been keeping an eye out for a while for a trained trials nursery dog for Helen for her to start sheepdog trials alongside Sandra & Jake. We also wanted a bitch which was a close relative of Tanhill Glen, we absolutely love what Glen produces and how well he stamps his pups.

When we saw Pat for sale on Skipton Auction it was a no brainer to try and get her! Her movement, her power & speed, and her lovely long legs! Let alone her stunning pedigree and amazingly trained 🔥

By chance we had the winning bid and Pat is now with us already. Pat was sold at the sale to be included being bred to one of the sellers own dogs. We made the decision straight away to not go ahead with that and instead get to know her, and obviously get her hips and elbows done. First impressions are she is super friendly and wriggly, with a super sweet calm nature.

We will keep you updated on our progress with lots of pictures and videos.

Here is Pats video that caught our eye instantly 🔥