Not destined for anymore puppies but forever our special DOGS



On this page you will find our dogs who are no longer breeding, but have been the reason behind the success of the Darleyfalls line.

For the dog nothing has changed, they still live with the owners they always have, and life continues as normal as our dogs are pets first and foremost. 

It just means no more puppies but we want people to be able to still see the dogs that helped create our line.

Darleyfalls Derbyshirose

Darleyfalls Im The Stig 


 Sylvain Of Nagata House

Rose was born on the 20th January 2013

CEA, CN, MDR1, NCL, PLL, TNS clear by DNA

Rose carries black and red

Rose lives with her half sister Lowie (both out of Darleyfalls I'm the Stig) and her daughter Tessie. Rose is also sister to our Sunny and mom to Noddy.

Rose is Mum to our Noddy and Tessie.

Rose is such a loving hard working intelligent little dog.

Being a very attractive bitch, Rose has proved that she has brains aswell as beauty. In our chosen sport of Heel work to music, Rose has excelled by winning her first two competitions, taking her from starter to novice in two giant leaps. Her feat which takes some handlers many years to achieve.

Rose is a real workaholic, who loves her training, but at home she is a treasured member of the family who can be taken anywhere.

We will pursue heel work to music and continue to build our strong bond between us.

Rose has previously produced a litter of puppies who are looking fantastic around the agility circuit across the world.

Rose has now been neutered.

Darleyfalls Im The Stig

Flynntastic Flo 


Brentmoor Skylark

Darleyfalls Im A Lady

Darleyfalls Im The Stig


Rock On Rocketman

Darleyfalls Bright Star

Darleyfalls Groovy Style x Shadow Of Aire Speed (Hash)

Unfortunately Vegas hip results were not what we would have expected, and unfortunately has had to be removed from our breeding program and will be castrated.

Fortunately for Vega nothing will change and he will live happily in the home he has always known and lead a normal life