Nova was born on the 18th December 2016

CEA, CN, NCL, PLL Clear by DNA

carrier of MDR1 and TNS

Hips 7:8

Elbows 0:0

Nova carries black only

Nova is a super friendly happy girl, she has played at Agility but Sarah is an avid equine enthusiast so Nova has spent her time keeping Sarah company at the yard and horse competitions. Nova is fine with other dogs people etc and very social.

Nova has a super keen work drive and in the right hands could have been an amazing agility dog, but she is also happy being a horse yard dog running round all day long.

Nova is litter sister to Cinna (Darleyfalls Born with Style) who has already achieved amazing things as such a young dog.

Nova has previously had a litter of puppies with Hash (Shadow of Airi speed) who are showing great potential.