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Born 29/5/17

Darleyfalls Noddy Spots (ISDS ROM)

Hip score BVA 2:7 (A equivalent), Elbows 0.

Mydogdna profile tested clear for all 214 tests except CEA and EOD of which he is a carrier.

Also full eye examination certificate tested clear (No goniodysgenisis)

Height 51.5cm

Noddy carries Red and Black.

Noddy is by Eiri Greme Ray from Germany , out of Darleyfalls Derbyshirose, sister to my Sunny

Noddy was the last born of 7 puppies and for me choosing a puppy from that litter seemed like an impossible task as I loved every single one . I did finally decide on Noddy and his sister Tessie too .

Noddy is arguably one of the most handsome border collies , his dark red coat and pretty mottling make him stand out immediately. But Noddy isn’t all about looks ! Flo was dual registered both UK Kennel Club and ISDS and I had always wanted to gain ISDS status back into my line by registering one of my dogs on merit . So at two years old and with lots of careful training from a top trials handler Paul Johnson , Noddy was judged at an open sheepdog trial by two directors from the ISDS . The ISDS subsequently awarded him registration on merit (ROM). This also granted him the SBCHT certificate from the UK Kennel Club , which has proved useful in place of a breeding certificate used in Europe .

I was over the moon !

With that goal complete, it was easy to see that Noddy had the drive , natural talent and the mind for agility . He is currently being ‘produced’ as they say in the horse world by handler Jane Powell and he has trained with many top handlers already over the past few months . Noddy is expected to embark on his next journey on the agility circuit in summer 2020.

This is what international trainer and competitor

Dave Munnings had to say about Noddy-

Noddy is a powerful dog with absolutely tons of drive, I thought he was going to be a really big chunky dog from watching his videos, but when I met him in person he’s got all that power but in a very fine beautifully put together body and has the most amazing temperament to match. Crazy drive but a sweet nature with people and dogs.

I couldn’t be happier with my recent addition of a Noddy puppy.

Noddy is no longer available at stud, please read below.

October 2022 - We thought we would do a little post about our beloved Noddy ❤️.

Noddy came seemingly from nowhere, yes he has a fabulous pedigree, but we do think he just has something a little bit extra special. Apart from his super good looks, he really does just ouze electricity and to us he is just Mr perfect.

Naturally, many people have approached us wanting to have that bit of extra special something for their own lines and where deemed suitable, we have obliged. However, Noddy is now 5 1/2 years old and has 10 fabulous litters both within Darleyfalls and out. We now feel the time is right to see that Noddy will only be leaving his naughty spots stamp on our own Darleyfalls girls in our aim to keep Noddy's litters special and protected.

We are flattered to get weekly requests to use Noddy to outside lines, so we thought it made sense to make our decision public.

We hope everyone will understand and appreciate why we have made this decision.