Darleyfalls ​Secret Dancer

Darleyfalls Im the Stig x Tanhill Glen


July 2022 update-

Sadly we now have 4 offspring from the Lowie Levi breeding with Pannus :( 

Lowie was examined on the 11th Juluy 2022 and is still currently clear of Pannus.

Lowie has also been neutered now

Important update- 

Unfortunately we have had to remove Lowie and her 3 offspring we kept back with us (Sooty, Take & Lily) from our breed plans. Very sadly 2 of the Lowie pups which are litter mates to our 3, have been diagnosed with Pannus. It was a hard decision to make removing 4 incredible dogs from our line, but for the future health of our line we felt we had too. We have never had Pannus in our line before and hope by making this decision we won't again.

Of course nothing changes for these dogs, Lowie and Lily will stay with Moira, Take will stay with Laura & Helen, and Sooty will stay with Paul, they just won't be used for breeding, but life continues as normal for them.

Breeding is such a minefield, you can do everything right, but still be dealt bad hand, but we can help our line of the future by removing lines that maybe affected.

Thank you

Team Darleyfalls

Lowie was born on the 15th February 2016

CEA, IGS, NCL, PLL tested clear, TNS and MDR1 Carrier Lowie carries Black and Tri.

Hips 4:3

Lowie is out the famous Tanhill Glen and Darleyfalls I'm The Stig.

Lowie is the most sweet beautiful switched on girl, her will to work is second to none.

Lowie has a fantastic structure, she is everything you would want in a dog bred to work. Lowie is the sort of dog you can take anywhere with you.

We are hopeful Lowie will be competing in heel work to music competitions in 2020, she has the most fantastic routines to perform.

Lowie has recently become a mom to a litter of 7 pups (May 2019), they have all inherited Lowies beautiful nature and temperament. We loved the litter that much we kept 3!

We are super excited to see what 2020 has in store for Lowie, we are sure she will hit the competitions with a bang