Darleyfalls ​Secret Dancer

Darleyfalls Im the Stig x Tanhill Glen


Lowie was born on the 15th February 2016

CEA, IGS, NCL, PLL tested clear, TNS and MDR1 Carrier Lowie carries Black and Tri.

Hips 4:3

Lowie is out the famous Tanhill Glen and Darleyfalls I'm The Stig.

Lowie is the most sweet beautiful switched on girl, her will to work is second to none.

Lowie has a fantastic structure, she is everything you would want in a dog bred to work. Lowie is the sort of dog you can take anywhere with you.

We are hopeful Lowie will be competing in heel work to music competitions in 2020, she has the most fantastic routines to perform.

Lowie has recently become a mom to a litter of 7 pups (May 2019), they have all inherited Lowies beautiful nature and temperament. We loved the litter that much we kept 3!

We are super excited to see what 2020 has in store for Lowie, we are sure she will hit the competitions with a bang