Darleyfalls line of working ,agility and dog sports.


We try to keep this page up to date with our confirmed plans and any important news.

We always welcome interest from people if you would like to show early interest in a pup from any of our girls, even if we have no planned breeding's at the time.

We do not operate a first come first serve system, instead we consider each home individually 

Nova x Jake

Our Nova x Jake puppies arrived on the 10th May 2021

These are our first litter from Jake and we are ecstatic they are finally here!! We are so excited about this cross combining some of our most favorite lines

All puppies are spoken for

Sooty is now availble at stud to health tested females

Please see Sootys individual page with all his information

Jake is now available at stud to health tested females

Please see Jakes individual page for more information on him

STOP PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have the biggest news ever in our history at

 Darleyfalls HQ!!

We have the most amazing news to tell you all, we have been keeping a little secret, not because we didn't want people to know, purely because the odds were stacked against us in every way, with frozen semen with a maiden bitch. We spent 7 days doing 4 hour round trips to the best reproduction vet specialist in the UK, at this point it was purley for progesterone testing to make sure we got the exact timing right, then the day Future was ready to be inseminated the weather gods decided to throw crazy amounts of snow at us making the journey near impossible, but we were determined we would get there somehow and we did (let's not talk about the journey home🙈)

May we introduce to you our Future X Fetch Granting Pleasure puppies 🥰

Words can not describe to us what this litter means, it's what dreams are made off.

These are our first 5th generation of Darleyfalls including being the first Shine and Noddy Grandpups, and the First successful UK Fetch breeding!

We can never Thank Marco Giavoni

enough for making this happen, we will forever be grateful to you for giving us this little bit of Fetch and we hope we do you and Fetch proud with them.

*Please no enquiries, these puppies are staying with us*

Skye x Sunny Puppies

January 2021 update-

Its almost time for these beauties to fly the nest.

They are 8 weeks old next week and its flown by, they have been a complete pleasure. We welcome 5 new people into our Darleyfalls family knowing these puppies have the most amazing lives ahead

Good luck little pup pups, have the best lives and see you all soon 



Our Skye puppies are here!!

And Wow wasn't we in for a treat when they were born.

We have named them our 'Chocolate Box Litter' 

Skye gave birth to 5 stunning puppies

1 female Lilac

2 female Red/white

1 male Lilac Tri 

1 male Red/white

August 2020 update:

We welcomed into the world Silk and Ash's puppies.

Silk has a litter of 9 and Ash has a litter of 6.

All puppies are super healthy and equally beautiful.

All puppies will be KC registered as Darleyfalls.







13/5/2020 - Important update regarding our stud dogs and future plans

As we continue to grow and develop our line, we are always looking to refine our breeding strategies . We have put huge energies, careful consideration, financial investment and research into planning how the shape of our line will look for future generations .

Our number one priority is protecting and nurturing our own line of dogs.

We have carefully selected our own Darleyfalls stud dogs, They have been chosen for their structure and temperament. We are 100% confident our dogs meet this strict criteria. They are super friendly, confident and well structured with the perfect work ethic and drive .

We know our own line, but what we can’t always predict is the nature of outside lines.

It is therefore sensible when considering the UK gene pool, to now only allow approved none UK matings with our stud dogs going forward.

This has meant us carefully researching outside lines to be able to bring in girls we feel confident to use with our stud dogs. This allows us to maintain a healthy sports border collie gene pool whilst keeping our exclusive Darleyfalls stamp.