Dark Ash Over Darleyfalls

Derwen Doug 339527


Vicky 333167


Born 12th February 2018

 Hips - Fair, Elbows - Normal

Ash is a fully trained nursery trials dog, she has been placed in open nursery trials.

We purposely picked both Ash and Silk as adult dogs as they have everything we want in a adult dog, we can see exactly what we have with them.

Ash is stunning and her structure is beautiful, she caught our eye straight away, and her temperament matched her gorgeous dark looks, Ash's work ethic is fantastic and switches onto work in a split second.

Day to day Ash is golden, she is very sweet and quite around the home, not a barker. She is sociable with our other dogs and absolutely loves to run flat out with them.  She has met children and is sweet and calm with them.

Ash came to us only ever living outdoors, yet has settled perfectly into every day household life as if she has always been a pet around the house. 

We cant wait to get to some trials with Ash this winter.

Ash has some phenomenal dogs in her pedigree- 

Caleb who was owned by Kevin Evans, Derwen Doug, Tanhill Glen